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This journal is friends only.If you want to be added or have to say something,please comment here!
Don't be afraid to ask.I'm always happy getting new friends and I will add you back if we have enough in common (we should have at least 3 currently airing shows in common! I also would prefer to have only friends over 18. If you are younger and we have a lot in common,then you can still try it though ^^) :) And please leave a note here and don't just add me. I want to know if we know each other,if you saw some of my fanart in a community etc. I think it's not too much to ask to leave a little comment. Without a comment, I won't add you back!!!

If you want to read more about me,then take a look at my profile. You will find everything that you should know about me and my journal ^^ Or see this entry for an overview about the shows I watch(ed),my favorite characters and the pairings I ship

Currently: adding / selectively adding / not adding

Biggest obsessions at the moment:

Shows: Lucifer, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow
Pairings: Jane/Kurt (Blindspot), Mick/Ray (Legends of Tomorrow), Ginny/Mike (Pitch), Harry/Cisco (The Flash), Maggie/Alex (Supergirl), Angus/Mario (Code Black)
People: Matthew Daddario, Harry Shum Jr, Jaimie Alexander, Kylie Bunbury, Tyler Hoechlin, Tom Ellis

All-time favorites:

Shows: Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Farscape, Castle, Spartacus
Pairings: Aeryn/John (Farscape), Beckett/Castle (Castle), Nasir/Agron (Spartacus), Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf), Felicity/Oliver (Arrow) Octavia/Lincoln (The 100)
People: Katee Sackhoff, Stana Katic, Tyler Hoechlin, Manu Bennett, Marie Avgeropoulos, Ricky Whittle

This entry is kinda under construction as I plan to write a bit more about me,my fandoms,adding/defriending etc.
For now just a few things: )

If you are only interested in my graphics then please don't add me but go to my graphics community [ profile] cracks_in_time

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This is the only public post and should give a little overview for all the shows I
watch(ed)/my fandoms and my favorite characters and ships there. I try to update it every time I get a new show etc. (Note: bold = shows,characters and ships that mean most to me,strikethrough = I stopped watching at some point and haven't watched all episodes,italic = not up to date but I plan on catching up or finish the show sooner or later)
See the table under the cut )
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700 episodes )

30 books )

50 movies )
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I haven't done one in a while but now that the time I have for doing things online is more limited than it was before,I feel like a friends cut is in order to make my flist a bit more manageable. So I removed people who have been MIA (both in their own journal or when it comes to commenting on my entries) and those who I don't really talk with a lot or at all. I hope you understand that this is nothing personal!
If you didn't get a notification already,please check if you can see THIS entry. If yes that means you 'survived' the cut ^^

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